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Visually vivacious, these introspective images have been created since Charlie Cawley moved to the Nation's Oldest City from the West Coast. His Unique technique is a breath of fresh air in a tourist town overrun by plain-Jane postcards, dripping with "wish you were here" sentiment. A champion of a genre known as street photography, he is a fine artist who finds humor, and beauty, and wonder during his wanderings amongst the city's ever-present horse carriages, pedi-cabs and tourist trollies. When given a rainstorm, he makes a masterpiece by pointing his lens towards a puddle. Under his care, a storefront window glare becomes a crafty eye-catching collage. This guy is having too much fun, and it shows in these pages. Charlie's images are slice-of-life stories, told from the point of view of a tour guide that is part professor, court jester and confessor. The streets of St. Augustine are filled with poetry and Cawley gives us an eyeful of verse in this well-crafted collection.

SCENE: St Augustine

SKU: 978-1329626706
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